Aluminum Extrusion Machine

Application: 600T-4000T aluminum production line.

---The specifications are customized according to customer requirements and applications.

Product Advantages:
The design of short stroke mobile extrusion rod makes the non extrusion time of the equipment shorter and the production efficiency higher.
The parallel moving ingot carrier is driven and controlled by a servo electric appliance, so that the rod feeding speed is faster and the positioning accuracy is higher and more accurate.
The four cylinder clamping structure makes the clamping force distribution more uniform and the sealing performance between the extrusion cylinder and the die better.
The ingot holding cylinder and movable beam adopt adjustable 6-position guidance, with high linear motion accuracy.
The square shaped scissors rod with the function of pressing and knocking can be adjusted, which can not only improve the cutting accuracy of thistle, ensure the automatic separation of pressing and scissors after cutting, but also adjust the gap compensation after the wear of the knife rod slide plate.
The fixed constant temperature extrusion head design is adopted to reduce the labor intensity of the operators, and the safety of workers is more guaranteed without closing to the extruder.

5 inches extruder workshop reference:

11 inches built in 2015 extruder workshop reference (video time 2023):

New 5 inches extruder reference video:

2000UST extrusion line built by us :

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